The Course Structure

Lesson Overview:

  • Understanding Topics within a Lesson
  • Navigating the course structure

Each Lesson will usually begin with a bulleted list containing the topics within each Lesson. The Lesson structure itself is more of an outer framework for the content, which is captured within the nested Topics.


  • Navigate to the Topics within this Lesson

This section, alternatively known as the “Homework” section, is a bulleted summary of what work is expected to be completed before moving on to the next Lesson. Direct links are helpful here.

Please note: when viewing the Topics within a Lesson from the Lesson page (see below), the buttons at the bottom of the page will skip the topical content and bring you directly to the next Lesson. To access the Topic content within the specific Lesson, you will need to click from the content list below, or use the menu on the left.

Optional TabĀ 

The Materials tab be toggled on or off, depending on whether there are additional links or materials needed for the specific lesson.

Lesson Content
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