Navigating the Course

We’ve now moved on to our second Topic within the Lesson entitled “The Course Structure”.

Pins on a map

If you have marked previous lessons as Complete, you’ll notice that the progress bar at the top of the page moves, indicating how close you are to finishing the Lesson entitled The Course Structure.

Should you mark something as Complete?

It’s up to you. Once you’ve marked something as Complete, your response has been recorded and that option will no longer appear.

For a longer course, this is a helpful way to track your progress. For example, if you find the content in a specific Lesson to be a little confusing, you may choose not to mark it, so you remember to revisit it again.

Marking completion may also be used in future versions of Atla Learn to determine when a certificate of completion is awarded. For these courses, a post-assessment quiz may be the final factor to determine completion. All quizzes must be taken and passed in order to be recorded as Complete.

Where in the course are you?

The left-hand menu allows you to quickly see where you are in a course, and easily revisit pages.